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My artistic story


I enjoy art for a long time, particularly decorative arts. In first, I put this passion in concrete form buying art books about various subjects like painting, sculpture... and reading work about history of civilizations (Egyptian, Celt...) as well as history of Europ through ages. I consider that history and art are two inseparable subjects.


I have gone to dealers in antiques and it has almost became a drug. Of course, my purchases are proportional to my economic possibilities but it's a great pleasure to me to be surround with old objects and antique furnitures. They are only of nineteenth century but they lived, they have a patina, a story.


A long time ago, I had the chance to go and see lacemakers for open-doors of a club near to my home. I was fascinate and very enraptured. Months spent after this visit but I didn't forget these women such gifted. More and more, I thought I had to become lacemaker, one day, I didn't know when it would be possible but I couldn't let to spend all of that ! However, I couldn't go to this club because I had numerous activities which filled in my time.


At the end of 1998, I found a book to learn lace.


Everything has begun at that moment, lace of course, but also sculpture, marquetry, embroidering... and many other techniques.



The used  techniques


For all of these techniques, I never have taken courses or obtained help from professionals or amateurs.

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Some bobbins which I made myself.

Bobbins lace


I have begun lace at the end of 1998. I made my first eighty bobbins and my pillows (one round and one square) looking photos of the book that I bought.


Afterwards, I learnt points of Torchon lace. This one even though very lovely is the most ordinary lace. The beginners learn it in first.


As far back as the first January 1999, I started an initial square mat taken from the excellent basic book from Bridget Mac Cook, an english lacemaker, well known in her country. Then, I have begun to create my own models.


After that, I learnt Cluny lace in May 1999, Duchess lace an extremely nice flemish lace, Rosaline, Rushian lace, Honiton an english lace very fine and, finally, Binche lace in October 1999 the famous nimble point. This lace is complicated and stages animals or personages : it's wonderful !


My projects are various and I don't want to stop. I hope I'll complete ardently my knowledges learning every kind of laces.


At the beginning of 2002, I started to make Valenciennes lace. It's a lace very long to realize : see my Louis XVI pandore doll n° 1 which has got several parts of Valenciennes lace on her dress. It took one month of work to make the two flutterings of the arms, the two parts on the skirt and the collar.


In september 2002, I began to learn Flanders lace and I think to use it for my next dolls. It's very pleasant to work and has got a great charm !


Also see books for sale about lacemaking

The basic book from Bridget Mac Cook

The basic book from

Bridget Mac Cook which

made it possible to me

to make my first steps.

Some bobbins which I made myself.



I have begun this technique in January 1999 without knowledge. I bought a femur at my butcher and armed with a metal saw, I undertook to cut this piece of bone to carve a small frame (see photo at the left).


Afterwards, I have sculpted wood like oak, lime and beech. In may 2001, I began to carve box wood for the creation of my first carved pandore doll : see the gothic pandore doll n° 1. This wood is very pleasant to work because is hard, dense and has got a very fine grain.


In november 2002, I have begun to carve vegetal ivory with a first creation, the mignardise pandore renaissance.

Frame carved in a piece of bone

Frame carved in a piece of bone

My first carved frame "The bind weeds"

My first carved frame "The bind weeds"

Since May 2004, I carved synthetic ivory because I can have some bits of this material larger : it's easier, for the bust or legs for instance, like you can see with one of my last creations "The mignardise Louis XV" bought by Le Musée International de la Miniature à Lyon.