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Rosaline lace

Here is a Rosaline lace which is my creation.


It's comprised five roses which are given its name.


I added pearls into their heart.


This lace is appliqued on a pink satin. As you can see it, it's extremely fine because the color satin shows though it.

Rosaline lace

It's a Flemish non-continuous threads lace. It's made of small size motif, bound by bars.


The great number of small flowers has given its name at this very fine lace. These flowers can shaped garlands or medallions.

Une dentelle Rosaline

Another Rosaline lace
which is my creation

Rosaline lace is named "Rosaline perlée" when it's perfectionned with embroidering, that gives a relief at the circle of flowers.


Another school says that this lace is "perlée" when one adds small pearls into the center of flowers. In fact,


 don't know who is right ! I think, but I'm not sure, that the two answers are right.


It was particularly used for household linen and for toilet objects like collars,fans...


This lace was produced from the middle of nineteenth century to the 1950 years.


The cotton thread used to realize it is very thin, what a fragile lace makes it.


For realizing a 12 centimeters mat, it should 70 hours of work without counting the time for embroidering.

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