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Honiton bobbin lace

Honiton lace

It's an existing lace that I modified.

The flowers have some small square spirit stitches put on a background of lace.

Honiton lace

The butterfly is a creation of me.

The butterfly is a creation of me.

It's the small english town of Devonshire which gave its name at this lovely

non-continuous lace.


Very fine, it can be applied on a Drochel network.

After 1825, Honiton realized all kinds of flowers and numerous networks to be applied.


The Queen Victoria's wedding dress was executed in Honiton lace by William Dyce, a young artist.


In despite of the help of Queen Victoria, the industry of lace was on the decline.


However, the technique and aspect of Honiton lace improved in the course of nineteenth century.


Its motif were made of floral parts bound between them by small braids. It was very appreciated in the fashion of this epoch. The floral Honiton lace was also named "pillow lace".

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