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Binche bobbin lace

My lacemaker pillow with a

Binche lace which is begun.

There is 240 bobbins.

It's a model of eighteenth century about

the subject of Duchess Pompadour.

Pillow of Binche lace

Here is my finished lace !

Binche bobbin lace

This lace was born in eighteenth century.


It took the name of lovely Belgian town which it stems from.


It has used the continuous threads technique. It's distinguished by various networks such as Paris stitch or snow-flake network more characteristic. This last one is constituted with spots, giving an aspect very confused.


The town's lacemakers were qualified of "makers of figures".


It belongs to the same family than Valenciennes lace.


Extremely fine, Binche lace opened out, more particularly, under the Regency. It knew an enormous success from 1700 to 1765.


It can be composed with animal scenes or figures, it's named "point de fée" (fairy stitch) because of the difficulty almost extraordinary of its realization.


Unfortenatelly, it disappeared from the town between the end of eighteenth century and the beginning of nineteenth century.


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