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Spun copper

The leaf of metal is worked on the back of decoration to chase relieves,  and next, on the right side for the definitive shapes.


For this operation, we must use tools like "la bouterolle". This one has a round head or another shape according to wished effect. Its head can be more or less big.

Offertory dish of 60 cm of diameter

Anscient offertory dish made

of brass realized with one of numerous techniques of spun copper.

Outils pour le métal repoussé

From the left to the right :

"bouterolle" (in french), two boasters, a leaf of pewter.


The tools are

put on a small carpet of rubber

used to put the leaf for the work.

The relief can be more or less important. The metal presents the making of tools on the back.


The work of chasing is always made on the right side.


The spun with blunted point is also effected on the back of thin metal leaf but, with this technique, this is the pressure of hand which creates relief. A small stick made of wood or bone, with a round and polished tip makes it possible to obtain the wished result.


That creates big lines with a low, glitter and smooth relief. It's the point of the tool, flating metal which is used like a polishing tool.


Spun work can be realized with malleable metals such as gold, silver... and on a leaf which must stay flat when it's decorated.

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