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Technique of marquetry

It exists two different processes :


   the "element by element" marquetry,

   the Boulle marquetry.


The element by element marquetry is used to realize sceneries or various scenes. It requires numerous veneerings.


The design of marquetry is divided for each colour of wood (or other material). When they are saw, the edges of veneering are pumiced in order to be gathered perfectly like a puzzle.


Boulle marquetry uses, on the contrary of the previous technique, two or three materials.


One must cut in one time two veneerings, one dark and one clear. One must pierce a hole which is the same size than the saw and cut out exactly on the line of the design. It takes a great mastery of saw because the cutting can't be rectified.


This operation finished, one must take the two veneerings and inverted the ground of design and motive : clear motive on dark ground and dark motive on clear ground.


Boulle marquetry is characterized by the space between the veneerings which corresponds at the width of the blade and by the motives which don't have acute angles.

Marquetry of my Flore

Here is two veneerings

(black pear and padouk)

which were cut at the same

time, the motives and background were inverted

to make the final motive.


This is a simple inlaid work

which was realized with the technique of Boulle marquetry.


However, we can't say that

there is a "partye" (picture

at the top of the page) or "contrepartye" because these words are used when there is metal in a marquetry.



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