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What is an artist doll?

The artist doll is an artistic object not very well known in France and the french creators aren't very numerous.


However, she's very appreciate abroad, particularly in USA, Japan, England, Germany and a few other countries where she has a great success among the doll lovers, galleries and magazines.


Usually, the artist dolls are one-of-a-kind, sometimes in little number. They must be realized and imagined by one artist : body, clothes and every other part.


All kinds of material are used for their creation : wood, porcelain, papier mâché, fabric, synthetic materials... They can be carved or moulded...


There is no rule, no limit, but it's primordial that these dolls be entirely original and personal creations.


Considered like art, artist dolls can be classified in several categories : from child doll to sculpture doll with all of the imaginary, fairy, ethnic subjects and many other one...


Sometimes, it's difficult to make difference between the toy doll and artist dolls because it can have likeness between them.

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