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History of Saint Michel

Feast 29 september

Patron saint of Brussels, the sick, the fighter.

Invoked against tentation or sea storms.

His cult, very popular, is ancient. Michel has known in the Judaic and christian tradition like the regular representative of God and entrusted by him to applicate his orders, near to humans. He has considered like the heavently army's chief, the celestial prince and protector of Israel people.

The New Testament has appeared him like the winner of the satanic dragon.


In the Jude's epistle, he is showed to argue against the devil concerning the possession of Moses's corpse. The apocryphale writtingshave often mentioned him.


It's probable in Phrygia that was born his cult, region where he was particularly considered like the sick's protector.


St Aubert was inspired by a Michel's vision on the Gargano mountain in Italy for the building of his tomb at the Mont St Michel (France). That contributed to his veneration in Occident.


He has often considered like the equivalent to Charon, the death's frontier runner in the pagan's next world.


He was knew by west soldiers like the warrior who protects them and obtains victory against the maleficent forces. He is the guarantor of good right.


Often represented with a sword, he fighted the dragon and won the battle.


At the medieval epoch, he was represented weighing the death's souls because of one thought that he had the power to juge them.

Saint Michel terrassant le dragon

St. Michael killing the Dragon
from Josse Lieferinxe

Saint Michel terrassant le dragon

Saint Michael in combat with the dragon


 Hours of Étienne Knight, enluminées by Jean Fouquet, London, Upton House, Collection Lord Bearsted, Cat. n°184.


The scene is inspired by chapter 12 of the Apocalypse which describes the combat of Michel saint against the dragon, symbol of the forces of the Evil Assisted by the angels, of which one holds its heaume and its lance, Michel raises its sword on the monster to seven heads in front of a mountainous and fantastic landscape.

Downwards the caves of the hell open where Satan chairs the torture of the hearts. On the right, one sees in the medium of the flames the dragon from now on pushed back by the archangel.