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This site is intended to present to you my artist dolls : they are one-of-a-kind and carved in box wood, vegetal or synthetic ivory...


My dolls are created with various artistic techniques like marquetry, bobbin laces, embroidery, oil painting... and they requires three months of work.


My favorite subjects are costume history, particularly Middle Age, Renaissance and the eighteenth century, country sculptures, mythology and fairy. I like creating miniature scenes too...


You'll also discover on my website a resume of my artistic story, some detailed chapters about each technique that I used.


The gallery of creations is devoted to the presentation of my artist dolls and some decorative objects that I realized in the past.


You also can visite the bookshop and glance its numerous pages : perhabs you'll find the book that you search ?


I  hope I'll make you discover my passion in these pages.



I wish you would have a lovely walk
into my web site !

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Art création décoration

Art création décoration
Art création décoration
Art création décoration

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